Mobile Detailing Services

Mobile Detailing Services

Full Car Detail

Includes wash, full wax, engine steam clean, shampoo & vacuum carpets, clean door jams, clean & condition leather, dash & door panels cleaned & treated with appropriate protection, dress tires, clean rims, clean mirrors and windows, all nooks and crannies.

Car  (Limited Time SPECIAL! $50 off original price!)

$229  Special $179

SUV/Van/Truck (Limited Time SPECIAL! $50 off original price!)

$249  Special $199


Sacramento Car Cleaning

Mobile Detailing Services

Full Service Wash

Includes wash, vacuum carpets, clean & dress tires, clean door jams, rims, dust interior, clean mirrors and windows.

Car $35.00

SUV/Van/Truck $45.00


Boat, Motorcycle and RV Mobile Detailing Services

Cleaning, detailing and paint restoration.
All of our currently offered services are also available on your boat and RV! Call For Pricing

We are extremely competitive!

Pricing varies by size and condition.



NEW! Ozone Machine Odor Removal Completely removes any organic smells by spreading ozone molecules in the air to attach to the odor molecules. Works great on smoke, urine, pet odors etc. Call for pricing.

Wash & Wax

These services include exterior wash and premium hand wax using only the highest quality waxes available

Car  $80.00*

SUV/Van/Truck  $90.00*

*Prices vary upon size and condition of vehicle

Car Hand Wash

Wash & Paint Restoration

We pre-clean the vehicles finish of surface contaminants, such as dirt, bugs, sap and scuff marks. Below-surface damage such as swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and stains/blemishes are addressed. Once the paint is “deep cleaned,” we condition the paint with a polish that will restore a deep brilliant shine. After the paint looks perfect, we apply a long lasting protective coating to preserve the paint. This is a very specialized service and usually requires 3 to 4 stages of “buffing” each requiring its own NEW foam pad made specifically to work with each individual product.

The result is a finish that looks absolutely exceptional and one that is well protected from the sun and other damaging effects of daily use.

Car  $320.00*

SUV/Van/Truck  $380.00*

*Prices vary upon size and condition of vehicle

Boat Car Detailing

A La Carte Items

Shampoo Carpets  Depends on Condition
 Rain-X  (applied to all windows)  Starts at only $15
 Leather Conditioning  Starts at only $15
 Water Spot Removal  Starts at only $60
 Headlight Restoration  Starts at only $65
 Engine Clean  Starts at only $55
 Polish Chrome Rims  Starts at only $40
 Polish Exhaust Tips  Starts at only $10
 Minor Scratch Removal  Depends on Condition


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